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Transformation to High Performance





Not-for-Profit &


Commitment to Strategy


Improvement Plan

  • Value Stream Mapping. An explanation of this basic technique for identifying opportunities for improving processes.

  • Value Stream Mapping for Administrative Functions. As you improve factory floor operations, you can also improve front-office and back-office processes. Here are some tips for developing value stream maps for administrative functions.

Execute Improvement

  • Lean Manufacturing and Your Bottom Line. A description of all the major lean manufacturing techniques and tools, and how they affect a company's financial statements.

  • Transformation Tips for Printers. Printers can transform into high-performance enterprises, too! Here are six concrete ideas for printers to boost profitability, growth, productivity and improvement.

  • Additional reading. A summer reading list! Read one of these books every month, and you'll be a transformation expert in two years!

Follow-up Evaluation

  • Measuring the High Performance Enterprise Continue to measure actual performance using the same four key measures and calculations for high-performance enterprises: Profit, Growth, Productivity and Improvement. Compare post-transformation performance against initial diagnostic assessment.

  • Measuring the High Performance Enterprise. Slide presentation addressing measures for high-performance enterprises at different levels of the enterprise: results, products, processes and know-how. PDF 1,497 KB. Requires Acrobat Reader.