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Blackerby Associates
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona
Citizen-Driven Strategic Planning Process

Youth Visioning Institute
March 16, 2006
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona





Not-for-Profit &

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Students check in.

Find your home on the map.

Pizza, ice cream, candy bars
& soda for lunch!

Students add to the Town timeline.

Students crowd the timeline.

The students' timeline.

Group 1.

Group 1 at work.

Group 1's vision.

Group 2 added music
to their report.

Group 2 at work.

Group 2's vision.

Group 3.

Group 3 at work.

Group 3's vision.

Group 4.

Group 4 at work.

Group 4's vision.

Group 5.

Group 5 at work.

Group 5's vision.

Group 6.

Group 6 at work.

Group 6's vision.
Volunteer facilitators and
Mayor Nichols (at right).