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5-S Shop Color Conventions






Not-for-Profit &

Interior Building

  • White: ceilings, walls; column pattern to be determined
  • Yellow: Railings, overhead cranes, power and free, weld curtain frames, Safety areas
  • Gray: Rotary bins, weld sets, machining centers (or light blue), fabrication equipment, electrical controls, breaker panels
  • Blue: Fixtures, work benches
  • Orange: Racks and bins
  • Fluorescent Green: Garbage cans, broom handles, shovels, dustpans, dumpsters

Floor Markings

  • Blue: Vendor Material
  • Green: Fixed items
  • White: In-Process Kanban, aisle markings
  • Yellow: Safety markings

Pipe Colors

  • Red: Fire protection - Sprinkler water
  • Blue: Compressed air
  • Dark Green: Nitrogen
  • Yellow: Natural Gas, Propane Vapor line
  • Orange: Welding Gas, Liquid Propane line
  • Gray: Hot Water
  • Purple: Cutting Gas
  • Green: Potable Water
  • White: Oxygen
  • Pink: Carbon Dioxide
  • Brown: Sewer and waste drains

Sign colors

  • Yellow: indicates a potentially hazardous situation
  • Red: indicates an immediate hazard
  • Blue: provides information of a general type in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding
  • Orange: indicates a potentially hazardous situation which if not avoided could result in death or serious injury
  • Green: includes notices of general practice and rules relating to health, first aid, medical equipment, sanitation, housekeeping, and general safety

Source: CNH, number one manufacturer of agricultural tractors and combines in the world, the leader in light construction equipment, and has one of the industry's largest equipment finance operations. Brands include: (Agricultural equipment) Case IH, New Holland and Steyr; (Construction equipment) Case, FiatAllis, Fiat Kobelco, Kobelco, New Holland and O&K.