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Fountain Hills
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  • Focus on client needs
  • Be prepared
  • Work smart
  • Partner with others
  • Mission

    Blackerby Associates helps any organization transform into a high-performance enterprise. Our experts in planning, management and operations provide a single source for organizational transformation and improvement services.

    A high-performance enterprise is...
  • Profitable:
  • It makes money.
  • Growing:
  • It sells more in its markets, or enters new markets.
  • Productive:
  • Value added per production unit is high.
  • Improving:
  • It learns how to improve each year.

    How does your organization measure up?
    If your organization is not as profitable, growing, productive or improving as you think it should be, contact Blackerby Associates.

    What We Do
    Blackerby Associates provides custom consulting and training services to small- and medium-sized businesses. Key services include:

    Lean Practices
    Small- and medium-sized businesses can use lean practices to improve productivity and profitability. Lean practices remove the fat and waste, leaving lean, value-added processes.

    Using techniques created for manufacturers, Blackerby Associates can help you apply lean practices to other types of businesses, from construction to tech services, health care, financial services, insurance...

    Any business that has processes (and what business doesn't?) can benefit from higher productivity and faster throughput. It all starts with value stream mapping...


    Business Planning
    Any business can benefit from a business plan, even if financing is not needed. A business plan can:
  • Align around common goals;
  • Chart a path to growth;
  • Identify & remove barriers to success;
  • Estimate feasibility before investment.

    Blackerby Associates can write your business plan for you, guide you as you write it yourself, or train you to write your own business plan.

    Business plan training includes the Mesa Entrepreneurship Roundtable programs and the Entrepreneurship Fundamentals video training programs, soon to be on www.Udemy.com.


    Strategic Planning
    for the Public Sector

    Government and not-for-profit organizations at all levels write strategic plans to develop agreement on program goals, target measurable results and ensure accountability.
  • Broad citizen participation;
  • Stakeholder consensus-building;
  • Long-range research & analyses.

    Blackerby Associates has extensive experience facilitating and managing strategic planning projects for public sector organizations. Recent public sector clients include...


    Business Planning

    "5-Minute Presentation Template" 5-Minute Presentation

    "Top 10 Business Improvements" Top 10 Business Improvements

    "How to Survive & Thrive; Steps to Succeed During
    Survive & Thrive

    Skills. Jobs. Self-respect.
    "Skills. Jobs. Self-respect." Ariz Republic Apr 5, 2007
    Recovering women build a
    coffee shop business. Skills. Jobs. Self-respect.

    "Finding Money in Cities, States and Federal Gov'ts." Tech Oasis Phoenix, Download Finding money in government grants PDF 1,355 KB.

    "Business Plan Budgeting,"
    FastTrac Business Planning.
    Download Business Plan Budgeting PDF 975 KB.

    Lean Practices

    "Lean Practices for the Construction Industry." Fountain Hills Association of Licensed Contractors,
    Download Lean Practices for the Construction Industry
    PDF 1,579 KB.

    "Lean Thinking," by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones (excerpts for home building industry), Download Lean Thinking for Home Builders PDF 801 KB.

    "Lean Manufacturing and Your Bottom Line," Arizona Tech. Expo, Download Arizona Tech Expo PDF 2,011 KB.

    "Enterprise Transformation to High Performance" Scottsdale Professional Networking Assoc., Download Enterprise Transformation to High Performance PDF 1,012 KB.

    "Measuring the High Performance Enterprise" AQA Southern Arizona Conf. on Performance Excellence, Arizona Quality Alliance, Download

    Public Policy & Strategy

    TechConnect Magazine, Winter 2007

    TechConnect Magazine Winter 2007 p. 34 Capitol Watch: Technology Community Readies 2007 Policy Agenda TechConnect Magazine Winter 2007

    "My View: Tech-transfer proposition offers 'win-win' for Arizona," Phoenix Busi- ness Journal, Aug. 13. Link or Download Tech-transfer a win-win PDF 95 KB.

    Note: Files marked PDF PDF require a free Acrobat reader